HAHL Ball Hockey Tournament

HAHL Ball Hockey Tournament

HAHL Ball Hockey Tournament

Hockey Night in Hope!  Hosted by the Hope Adult Hockey League

Perhaps you have never played ice hockey before. Perhaps you are an aspiring NHL superstar. Perhaps you are reminiscing of the good old days, back when the game was only about fun. No matter your gender, age, or skill level, Hockey Nights in Hope is for you. This 4-on-4 street hockey tournament offers both recreational and competitive street hockey tournament divisions for all. Anybody can play! Hockey Nights in Hope celebrates hockey culture in a wholesome, festival atmosphere that makes kids feel like NHL pros and helps adults feel like kids again.

The event involves closing streets, parking lots, tennis courts, and involves the operation of 2 separate “street rinks” with games running on each rink at all times throughout an entire weekend! Hockey Nights in Hope tournament feature teams and hundreds of participants and include mixed divisions for both genders, all skill levels, and all ages. In-between games be sure to take in the other events of Hope Brigade Days.

Each player in the event receives a commemorative Hockey Nights in Hope t-shirt and an assortment of neat items from national and local sponsors.

So call your friends, put your team together and grab the sticks from the garage…and get ready for a weekend you won’t soon forget because Hockey Nights in Hope will be one of the most memorable events of your summer’s end!!

When you sign up your team, here’s what it costs and what you get for it!

  • $250 entry fee per team (max 9 players)
  • 9 Wrist bands to Hope Brigade Days (Gate value $20 ea)
  • 3 Guaranteed games plus playoffs
  • 9 Hockey Night in Hope Ball Hockey tee shirts

Dan Small  |  dan_j_small@hotmail.com  |  604-869-1751

Read this Rules Sheet

 (Ball Hockey Team Registration is Closed)