Motor Sports

4 X 4 Races

Drivers, it pays to have a navigator along with you because it is a real challenge driving AND keeping to the correct path. Most of the trucks finish in under two minutes or so. The race is a time duration race you do 3 runs and we take your best run as your score. There are different classes for vehicles.

Thinking about competing? – GO FOR IT! This is the best way to get into racing. It’s a pretty simple course and a street driven truck can get around it with little problem. You’re not going to beat your truck up if you race smart and because it’s a timed event you can push as hard as you feel comfortable (no side by side racing etc). And you can take your truck thru the parade prior to racing!

Classification of Vehicles

  1. Bobtail – under 100”
  2. Short box – 100” – 120”
  3. Long box – over 120”
  4. Powder Puff – all lengths
  5. Competition Modified – all lengths
  6. Buggies

Safety Equipment Required

  • Crash helmets with eye protection (DOT or SNELL)
  • Seat belts for both driver & co-pilot
  • Roll bar for detachable roof vehicles
  • No windows? Doors/roofs must have synthetic netting
  • Battery hold down device
  • Functional brakes

Demolition Derby

A typical Demolition Derby event consists of five or more drivers competing by deliberately ramming their vehicles into one another. The last driver whose vehicle is still operational wins!

Demolition derbies can be dangerous and although serious injuries are rare, they do happen.  To make the event safer, all glass is removed from the vehicle, and deliberately ramming the driver’s-side door area is forbidden.  Demolition Derbies are held on dirt or in open fields that are usually soaked with water. This causes the competition area to become muddy which also helps to slow the vehicles. Some drivers use both the front and rear of the vehicle to ram the other competitors. Others tend to use only the rear end of the vehicle, to help protect the engine compartment from damage.

Come out and see this event first hand!

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