Caesar Soares 2-Pitch Softball Tournament

Hope Brigade Days 2-Pitch Softball Tournament

Caesar Soares 2-Pitch Softball Tournament

    • 4 games minimum, 14 Beer tickets included
    • 14 wrist bands included Gets you into all events including the music concert Saturday night.
    • Umpires for all games
    • 1st place $375, 2nd Place $250, 3rd Place $150, 4th place $100
    • Cost to enter $375. Your team does not have a spot until entry fee is paid.
    • Ball Diamonds:
      – Diamond 1 is the main Ball Diamond on 6th Avenue – it has the lights.
      – Diamond 2 also at 6th Avenue near the Sports Bowl. Opposite end of the park from Diamond 1.
      – Diamond 3 is the open field at the old CE Barry school grounds, corner of 4th Avenue and Park street (444 Queen street)
      – Diamond 4 is Silver Creek School. (Beside Silver Chalice)
    • Tie Breakers: – Head to head, runs for and against plus or minus difference, flip of a coin.
    • Plus 4 home run rule

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Tournament Schedule

Friday September 8 Diamond #
6:15pm Can't Catch This vs. Ballaholics 1
6:15pm A-Town Ballers vs. Lil Panthers 2
6:15pm Slackers vs. Grad 2K18 3
6:15pm Meles vs. Remnants 4
8:00pm R.N.G.A.F vs. The Underdogs 1
Saturday September 9 Diamond #
8:00am The Throwbacks vs. Slackers 1
8:00am Just Here For The Beer vs. Boozehounds 2
8:00am Hungry Hippos vs. The Tryhards 3
8:00am Lil Panthers vs. HUcking Fooligans 4
9:45am R.N.G.A.F vs. Balloholics 1
9:45am Sons Of Pitches vs. The Underdogs 2
9:45am Choppers vs. Charros 3
9:45am A-Town Ballers vs. KDL Industries 4
11:30am The Tryhards vs. Remnants 1
11:30am The Throwbacks vs. Meles 2
11:30am Slackers vs. Hungry Hippos 3
11:30am Hucking Fooligans vs. Can't Catch This 4
1:15pm KDL Industries vs. Choppers 1
1:15pm Just Here For Beer vs Charros 2
1:15pm R.N.G.A.F vs. Sons Of Pitches 3
1:15pm Grad 2K18 vs. Boozehounds 4
2:55pm Lil Panthers vs. Can't Catch This 1
2:55pm Hungry Hippos vs. Remnants 2
2:55pm The Throwbacks vs. The Underdogs 3
2:55pm A-Town Ballers vs. Balloholics 4
4:35pm The Tryhards vs. KDL Industries 1
4:35pm Meles vs. Grad 2K18 2
4:35pm Just Here For Beer vs. Sons Of Pitches 3
4:35pm Boozehounds vs. Charros 4
6:15pm Hucking Fooligans vs. Remnants 1
6:15pm Slakcers vs. A-Town Ballers 2
6:15pm R.N.G.A.F vs. Can't Catch This 3
6:15pm Choppers vs. Lil Panthers 4
Sunday September 10 Diamond #
9:00am Grad 2K18 vs. Choppers 1
9:00am KDL Industries vs. Charros 2
9:00am Meles vs. Balloholics 3
10:45am Sons of Pitches vs. Hucking Fooligans 1
10:45am Boozehounds vs. Hungry Hippos 2
10:45am The Throwbacks vs. The Tryhards 3
10:45am Just Here For Beer vs. The Underdogs 4
Finals When Diamond #
1st vs. 2nd 1:00pm 1
3rd vs 4th 1:00pm 2