Briggie-X Endurocross


*Race Schedule and Track layout listed at the bottom of the page*

BriggieX is an endurocross competition taking place on a technically challenging course filled with a variety of natural and man-made obstacles.  The first ever BriggieX will feature a custom designed track that brings tough, challenging and technical design elements with great flow and commitment options from various local pro riders to the Hope Motor Sports Bowl, in the heart of Hope BC!  This brand new track with many challenging features will sure test the skills of riders while entertaining the crowd filled stands as they race to compete their laps and get a spot in the finals!  More details to come….. BRRAAPPP!

Registration cost is $60 per racer.  Includes a full weekend wristband to Hope Brigade Days 2017 which enables the riders to enter any of the events on the grounds.  Racers will also be able to register the day of the event at the announcer’s booth in the MotorSports Bowl.



To Register (Online registration closed, you can register in the pit on Friday night between 5-9pm)

  1. Complete the online form below.
  2. Proceed to Online Payment via Paypal. Credit Cards also accepted there.


Friday Sept 9th

5PM – 9PM Course Test Run

Saturday Sept 10th

07:00am – Last Minute ON SITE REGISTRATION
07:40am – Course Walk & Riders Meeting

08:00am – Heat #1       Junior (age 14-20)
08:15am – Heat #1       Youth/Intermediate (age 21-34)
08:30am – Heat #1       Vet (age 35+)
08:45am – Heat #1       Womans
09:00am – Heat #1       Expert (any age)
09:15am – Heat #1       Pro (any age)

09:30am – Heat #2       Junior (age 14-20)
09:45am – Heat #2       Youth/Intermediate (age 21-34)
10:00am – Heat #2       Vet (age 35+)
10:15am – Heat #2       Womans
10:30am – Heat #2       Expert (any age)
10:45am – Heat #2       Pro (any age)

11:00am – 12:00pm     BREAK Track Grooming (Parade & Lunch)

12:00pm – LCQ           Junior (age 14-20)
12:15pm – LCQ            Youth/Intermediate (age 21-34)
12:30pm – LCQ           Vet (age 35+)
12:45pm – LCQ           Womans
01:00pm – LCQ           Expert (any age)
01:15pm – LCQ           Pro (any age)

01:30pm – 02:00pm       BREAK Track Grooming (Amateur Bike Jam)

02:00pm – B FINAL     Junior (age 14-20)
02:15pm – B FINAL      Youth/Intermediate (age 21-34)
02:30pm – B FINAL     Vet (age 35+)
02:45pm – B FINAL     Womans
02:00pm – B FINAL     Expert (any age)
02:15pm – B FINAL     Pro (any age)

03:00pm – 03:30pm     BREAK Track Grooming (Pro Bike Jam)

03:30pm – A FINAL    Junior (age 14-20)
03:45pm – A FINAL    Youth/Intermediate (age 21-34)
04:00pm – A FINAL    Vet (age 35+)
04:15pm – A FINAL     Womans
04:30pm – A FINAL     Expert (any age)
04:45pm – A FINAL    Pro (any age)
5:00pm                          AWARDS

05:15pm – 06:00pm       TEAR DOWN & MOVE OUT
06:00pm – 06:30pm     Swamp Water – Outdoor Concert
07:00pm – 08:00pm     Jerry Doucette – Outdoor Concert
08:30pm – 10:00pm      Chilliwack – Outdoor Concert

10:15pm                      FIREWORKS!

track layout