About Brigade Days

Hope Brigade Days is Hope’s annual celebration, which began in 1968. Originally, it was a community event meant to celebrate the end of a successful tourist season. Over the years, it has evolved into an annual tradition with folks returning year after year.

Brigade Days History

In 1848, the Hudson Bay Company decided to expand and strengthen their communications links between the coastal areas and the interior of British Columbia. The Hudson Bay fur brigades founded Hope.

Fort Hope was established at the foothills of the Cascade mountains, at the point where the wild Coquihalla River runs into the mighty Fraser River. The canyons in this area twist, turn and force the wild Fraser waters through canyon crevices. Once through Hell’s Gate, the river slows and leisurely meanders into the Fraser Valley and out to the ocean.

Pioneers pose in front of the Corrigan Hotel in Hope, B.C., around 1900 [ From canadiancolour.ca ]

It would be 80 years before Fort Hope was incorporated to become the Village of Hope and close to another 40 years to graduate to the Town of Hope. Finally, in 1993, the town amalgamated with outlying areas to become the District Municipality of Hope.

Since 1968, the commemoration of the early pioneer days has taken place in the form of an annual festival known as Hope Brigade Days, celebrated on the weekend after Labour Day in September!

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