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Brigade Days Parade Signup

Parade Instructions & Regulations

Official Parade Entry form must be received by Hope Brigade Days before September 1st. Check-in between 9:30 – 10:30 a.m. on Saturday of the event.  The Rotary Club Parade Marshal will issue your assembly area and position number either prior to or on the day.  All participants must check in with marshalling staff at the Check in Point prior to moving to assigned assembly area. Please refer to the route map. All judging will be done before the parade starts –you must be in the line-up ready for the judges by 10:40 a.m.  The termination/tear down point will along Raab Street and 5th Avenue


No open flame or fire of any sort on or near floats. Your float must carry at least a 2 lb. fire extinguisher in good working order. Ensure that persons of 16 year and over on the float know how to use it – no float will carry minors only. Ensure that the exhaust pipe is wrapped with fire-proof material where it passes near decorations, and that the driver has adequate vision and ventilation.

The vehicle must be in good working mechanical condition and properly serviced. Brakes must be adequate for the weight of the vehicle. All vehicles must have a means to be towed. Floats will be subject to inspection by the Hope Fire Service prior to the start of the parade.


No throwing distribution of pamphlets, candy, toys or any other items during the parade. The accident potential for children scrambling for such items is unacceptable. Such items may only be handed directly to spectators by walkers along the parade route. The Brigade parade is not a platform to promote political and or provocative special interest groups.

NO SMOKING / NO INTOXICANTS allowed during the parade.

ALL EQUESTRIAN UNITS must furnish their own clean-up crew and equipment.

FORWARD MOTION must be maintained at a distance of 30 feet between units.

TEAR DOWN must not result in any garbage or mess being left in the termination/tear down point. Parade marshals will enforce this rule. Hope Brigade Days / Hope Rotary Club reserve the right to refuse entry either prior to assembly, at assembly, or during the parade. Any entrant not conforming to the rules and regulations, or refusing to follow directions of the police, fire service and/or parade marshal will be directed to withdraw.

Floats in all categories will be judged according to originality, design, decoration, uniqueness, appearance and costumes of participants. Horses and riders will be judged on appearance, originality and tack. Vehicles will be judged on appearance and decorations. Youth entries (through to 12 year olds) will be judged separately. Novelty and all other categories will be judged on originality, costumes and decorations.
Please make sufficient copies of these rules to distribute to all of your entry staff/participants.

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