Event Policies

Smoking and vaping are permitted only in designated areas. There will be a designated smoking area in the beer garden area, as well as one by the main gate and one location determined by Hope Brigade Days. This location will be marked the weekend of Hope Brigade Days. Smoking of Cannabis is not permitted anywhere on the grounds.

Parking will be provided beside gates 1 and 2 for persons requiring Handicap parking. There will be a designated seating area at the top of the sports bowl for easy access to watch all events in the sports bowl.
Bicycles/razor-type scooters and rollerblades are prohibited on the grounds the weekend of Brigade Days. There will be a designated area outside of the event grounds where you can park your bicycle. Parking of bicycles and scooters is done at the risk of the bicycle user.
Mobility Scooters will be allowed only for event goers who require mobility assistance on the event grounds. This will be determined at the discretion of the event organizers.

There will be no popup tents or large patio-type umbrellas permitted on the grounds. Small umbrellas for inclement weather will be permitted on the grounds, but use in the sports bowl will be restricted, if necessary during sports bowl events.  

No animals shall be permitted on the event grounds unless they are part of an event planned by Hope Brigade Days.  
Certified Service Dogs are permitted on the grounds but must be clearly marked by a Service Dog vest provided by Service Dogs of Canada. Hope Brigade Days and any company hired by Hope Brigade Days for security purposes reserves the right to ask for further proof in the form of papers. Hope Brigade Days reserves the right to deny access to the grounds or ask that Service Dogs be removed if they do not behave appropriately while on the grounds.
Hope Brigade Days and any company hired for security purposes reserves the right to request proof of identification from any individual attending Hope Brigade Days.  
You may be asked to provide proof of identification at any time on site and are required to produce identification. Failure to produce identification could result in removal from Hope Brigade Days.  
To enter the beer garden, you are required to produce two (2) pieces of identification if you appear to be under the age of 30. One (1) piece of identification will be required if you appear to be over the age of 30.
Alcohol is only to be consumed in the area designated as the Beer Garden.
Hope Brigade Days hires professional photographers to capture images of our events. Please note that your photo may be taken at any time while attending Hope Brigade Days or any event put on by the Hope Brigade Days Society and may be used on social media and advertising for Hope Brigade Days. Purchase of wristbands and attendance of any events put on by Hope Brigade Days is acceptance of having your image and likeness taken and used in promotional material for Hope Brigade Days.